Referral Programme


STYRE’s referral programme is aimed at giving you an opportunity to earn discounts in the training and certification programmes of your choice (applicable for the programmes of more than 1 day duration only).

It is a great opportunity for you to earn a free training or discounts of unto 15% through this programme, based on your referrals. Kindly refer our policies for more information.

Registration Process

Step 1: Click on the referral link on STYRE Learning’s website.

Step 2: Click on the ‘New Registration’ link.

Step 3: Fill up the ‘Registration Form’.

Step 4: Once you submit the form, you would receive a confirmation mail with an activation link.

Step 5: Click on the activation link to activate your account and confirm your registration.

Referral Process

- A list of scheduled programmes would be visible to you in your ‘Dashboard’.

- A 10 digit ‘Promo Code’ that is unique to you on the top-left above the ‘Schedule’.

- You have an option to refer a scheduled training and certification programme to your family and friends through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

- Kindly ensure your Unique Promo Code is shared by you while sharing the information with your family and friends over the available platforms.

- Also, ensure all your referred family or friends enter your Promo Code during their registration on the STYRE Learning website.

- All your referred family or friends would also be eligible for a discount of 5% on the training fee once they use your ‘Promo Code’.

- As and when individuals use your Promo Code, your referral count would increase and take you closer to your discount of 15% or free training.

- As a referrer, you are eligible for a discount of 15% on the training fee of a programme scheduled by STYRE, once you refer 5 individuals through this programme. Else, you have an option to refer 25 individuals through this programme (without using any of your discount code) and claim a free training (training only) on any of the scheduled programmes.

Password Reset

Password reset link will be sent
to the registered EmailID.